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Bystander Intervention

Have you ever overhead a comment that you knew wasn't right but didn't know what to say?
Have you ever felt the need to "laugh" at a "joke" that was more harmful than funny?
Do you ever find yourself driving home after work thinking, "I should have said..."?

One oRb's Bystander Intervention Training (ORBIT) is a workshop program that's designed to help you and your team start or continue the difficult conversations about behaviors that are harmful to the team as a whole as well as to individuals in the team.

One Orb's Mission is to help your team meet its full potential. We help you do this by guiding you to purposeful and welcoming inclusion of all of your team members.

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We will work with your team to develop a customized strategy for ensuring long-term success of your pro-social improvements.

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Peer Support Worker Program Development.

Trauma-Informed Responses for Leaders.

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One Orb is:

Dr. Moses P Milazzo

I am an educator, an inclusivity champion, product developer, project manager, and a remote sensing and data scientist. I have been an active participant on eight of NASA’s spacecraft missions, from the Magellan mission to Venus in the early 1990s to Juno currently in orbit at Jupiter and JPL’s Europa Clipper mission currently in development. As a scientist, I know that inclusion and diversity is fundamental to strong teams, strong science, and a strong future. I work to improve inclusion and welcoming environments through anti-harassment education and have developed One Orb’s bystander intervention workshop, ORBIT. ORBIT was originally aimed at improving the culture in scientific workplaces, but I have extended it to include all professional workplaces.

My passion is conveying the wonders of the natural world through science, education, and inclusiveness.

Since October 2017

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What my clients say

I’ve recently had some success speaking up for others, thanks to you. A couple were pretty easy, one was extremely difficult and included a total emotional breakdown the next day. Fun fact: I carry with me at all times those little cards you made up for the workshop, and scanned over them in two of the three instances; the third (one of the easy ones), I didn’t really need any guidance on.

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One ORb Bystander Intervention Training (ORBIT)

The ORBIT workshop goals are:

  1. Raise awareness of barriers to helping.
  2. Raise awareness of helpful behaviors.
  3. Increase desire and motivation to help.
  4. Develop skills and confidence to help.
  5. Ensure the safety and well-being of attendees.

The ORBIT workshop is a 4-hour, in-person, interactive workshop that is designed to start a conversation about difficult topics such as racial, sexual, religion-based, age-based, gender-based, and sexuality-based harassment, bullying, and exclusion.

A general outline of the ORBIT workshop:

  1. Introduction and Brave Space
  2. Goals
    1. Educate
    2. Motivate
    3. Empower
    4. Act
  3. Background and Theories
  4. Social and Cultural Identifiers
  5. Bystander Intervention Action Model
  6. Skills Training
  7. Team Agreement
  8. Q&A

About One Orb

One Orb is the Pro-Social Program Development arm of Other Orb LLC, which is owned and operated by Dr. Moses P. Milazzo. Dr. Milazzo has been developing bystander intervention and other pro-social workshops since 2016 and has been presenting them since 2017. One Orb’s mission is to help professional and social teams improve their inclusiveness and welcoming nature. To accomplish this, One Orb helps start conversations about difficult subjects such as racial, sexual, religion-based, age-based, gender-based, and sexuality-based harassment, bullying, and exclusion.

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